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What happens in a Critical Incident Stress Debrief?

An employee is involved in a fatal road accident, whereby his immediate colleague passes away. The employee is in shock and needs time to recover. His team of 6 people is also shocked by the news of this tragic accident and needs time to sit down and work through the grief.


NCS sends a team of 2 counselors to the work place to sit down with the team for 2 hours, to teach some theory about Trauma and the Grief Process Cycle and to listen to what people want to share. They are encouraged to share some good moments they had with their colleague. The NCS Team encourages them to watch out for symptoms in themselves after a few weeks, which may include anger, frustration, depressed feelings, sadness, inability to concentrate, etc.

They are encouraged to contact NCS when they feel they cannot cope or need to talk.


The NCS Team also spends a considerable amount of time sitting down with the immediate colleague who has witnessed the tragic event. They encourage him to share his feelings and emotions. They give him personal guidelines on how to deal with the guilt and sadness. They also encourage him to contact NCS when he cannot cope with the loss of his friend.


The NCS Team leaves their phone number with the people who were impacted by this accident, for an eventual follow up.