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Meet our NCS Team

Johanna de Koning

Clinical Supervisor. M.A. in Counseling [Licensed. S101962 ACC/CPCAB], Children & Adolescents, Marriage and Family Therapist. Languages: English, Thai, Dutch

David Ogden

Joy (Saranjit) Hemkaew
Has her Diploma in Counseling on a Master Degree Level, obtained at the TBTS in Bangkok and has been trained as a 'Satir Therapist' .  She is able to give therapy to singles and couples. She also treats depression and anxiety disorders. Next to this she helps people with difficult relationships, work related stress management, identity issues, anger management and other challenges of life. Her main language is Thai. Therefore she prefers to work with Thai clients.

Nok (Intra) Teapinnyok

Rex (Dick) de Koning
Marriage Encounter Coordinator. Post Graduate Certificate in Counseling. Registered Nurse. Highly skilled as an Individual & Marriage Counselor. Specializes in cross-cultural training, marital and family therapy. Languages: English, Thai, Dutch

Emi Rowse
Emi has worked as a professional businesswoman across Asia for over 17 years and understands the pressures and issues involved in the marketplace. She is passionate about counseling people who struggle with anxiety and depression, chronic stress and low self-esteem. 
Emi counseled expats and their spouses and has a heart to counsel children, based on her previous experience working with children’s NGOs. Emi is an interning volunteer at NCS, while obtaining her Master’s Degree.
She is half Japanese and can speak fluent English and Japanese.
Lauren Sentovich

Is an American counselor  and holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work.  She specializes in treating anxiety disorders (social anxiety, generalized anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobias, etc.) as well as depression. She also has experience treating trauma, low-self-esteem, anger management, time and stress management, and substance abuse disorders.

In addition to English she can speak Indonesian and Malay conversationally.
Brian (Ng Fai Kwok)
hails from Hong Kong. In the past twenty years Brian has been working as a Social Worker with Youth and Families.  Before he settled in Bangkok, the nature of his job was mainly to take care of teenagers who had committed criminal offenses and those who had withdrawn from their families. He speaks Cantonese fluently and his ability to speak Mandarin is fair.

Karrie Ng

Is from Hong Kong. She is a social worker with psychology background, but specialized in career counseling and sexuality issues. She has experience with young adults and teenagers.  Apart from one on one counseling, Karrie is also an expert in sex and gender education for teenagers. She can speak Mandarin and Cantonese well and can speak Thai for education workshops.