Employee Assistance Program

for Thailand and the Region


How EAP assisted me...


never good enough

   The EAP program helped me to understand why I was so stressed at work. I took the work with me to my house but never seemed to get a task  finished.I  spent all my time on details and my boss wanted me to produce more. He did see my potential and referred me to the EAP counselor.

   The EAP counselor helped me to discover that I wanted to be  the best and what I  did was never good enough in my own eyes, so I never delivered a finished product.

   I discovered that my work is good and if some things are not my boss will tell so. I better finish what needs to be ready instead of staying stuck. I enjoy now what I am doing and  feel much more certain of myself and the tasks I accomplish.


lost my brother

   I went to the EAP counselor because I could not concentrate any more. I had lost my younger brother in a car accident.

   I cannot forget the pain on the face of my mother and her despair about this loss. Nothing seems to comfort her and I feel I do not exist.

   The EAP worker explained the process of mourning and helped me deal with the confused feelings I struggle with. It will take time but gradually I feel I can restart life again.


feel like a failure

   I had a car accident with the car of our Company. Luckily no one died, but the car got damaged and I feel like a failure that I caused our company a financial loss. I sometimes feel like quitting my job, but what if...

   The EAP counselor helped me to see that it is our responsibility to be responsible, but also to accept that sometimes we make mistakes and can cause an accident. I had to come to accept myself and take the courage to be the good worker as I used to be.


gambling problem

   I have family problems. My mother gambles away all the money there is and wants me to hand over m y salary and care for the family. This stresses me out, because how can I support the family if she gambles the money away? My EAP counselor told me to politely tell my mother about the limits in spending money and take control of the finances myself. She told me it is good to take care but in taking care we should take responsibility for how we care. Saying “no” to certain request does not mean that I do do not respect or love my parents.

   With the support of the EAP counselor I found the courage to do this. My mother does not like it, but all family members feel much better now as we have food and my younger siblings can go to school. I feel proud in how I care and am responsible for self and my family.

   I enjoy working because I see now what I can do with the money I earn and make a better future.



   I work full days and have to take care of my 2 children too. I worry about them.

It seems they do not get along with each other. The oldest tells me I love her younger brother more and that worries me.

   My EAP counselor invited me and my daughter to come and talk and through her questions and the answer my daughter gave I came to understand her feelings and what made her feel like this.

    I have changed certain patterns in our family and she is much happier. I did not realize that just talking to someone outside the family could be of such a help.


   My father drinks and is often violent. My younger sister could not  go to school as there was no money. She often had no food. The EAP counselor told me NOT to give money to my father but pay the school fees at the school and provide a meal every day, so my father and siblings would have food.

   The counselor also told me to go shopping for clothes and buy and pay for it. In this way my help and care for the family is more beneficial than handing my father the money that would end up in booze.



   My boss wants me to work overtime and he never compensates for it. I cannot get a day off or he will scold me.

   I have to drive whenever he rings me up, also when I am home in the evening. I am tired and would like to quit my job, but as I am above 50 who will give me another job.

   The EAP counselor helped me to politely tell my limits and ask the boss to look into hiring a second driver for overtime. He also advised me to look into the policies of the Company and the regulations for overtime pay and Holidays. He discussed matters with my supervisor also, so she would protect me against my boss.