Employee Assistance Program

for Thailand and the Region


'Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines'.

Robert H. Schuller


How to manage daily stress

Why EAP ?

   EAP wants to be a support for employers who care for their employees, but also care for the ongoing benefits of their company. This can and should go hand in hand. A good atmosphere in the company, creates a good work attitude and results in a better productivity.
   Thus, with an EAP we all gain and
it becomes a win-win for both the employee and the employer. With EAP in place employees feel they are cared for. There is somebody were they can go to when they have situations in life that cause them stress and worries. They will have a listening ear and sound coaching in how to deal with life’s issues.

  The employer also can ask the EAP counselor for suggestions in management situations, team building approaches or personal issues.
Together we can make it work and have a better work environment for all.

Why an EAP Program outside the medical realm?

   It is normal at times for life to cause stress and periods of uncertainty. This does not mean we must immediately run for medication or psychiatric care, but more for a person who stands next to you and supports you in finding a new direction or tools to cope with life’s stresses. This is why we believe it is better to provide EAP by a counseling organization.

   When the counselor and client discover that medication is needed and/or helpful we do refer to a psychiatrist for medication and to one who is willing to support the counseling process. Not all emotional problems necessarily need life long medication, we believe in giving coping tools for life, so medication can be reduced and one can find back his/her own balance in life.

   We all have the capacity to live life to its fullest! Sometimes, we just get overwhelmed with life and counseling helps to get us back on track again.

   A period of coaching and mentoring does not make us weak or crazy, rather it proves the opposite: “A wise man seeks counsel in order to become wise”.

Johanna de Koning,

Clinical Supervisor at

New Counseling Service.

Licensed Therapist